Tips to Buy Power Banks That Last for a Lifetime (I)

As the devices are evolving and becoming smarter, POWER BANKS have been gaining popularity. For many years, the battery technology has remained stagnant, whereas smartphones and tablets have been advancing exponentially. Though, to mitigate the risk of low battery life, many device and platform makers have tried to prolong the battery life; however, battery life is never enough. Due to this, people with the super-thin smartphones turn towards POWER BANKS or battery cases to enhance the battery life of their devices.

Before thinking about buying a POWER BANK aka portable battery charger, several things need to be considered. To get the BEST PORTABLE CHARGER you have to determine what exactly your device needs.

I. Know Your Device’s Battery Capacity

To know how big a POWER BANK you need, you first have to know about your device’s battery capacity. If you have a device that has a 4500mAh battery then in a perfect world the best answer would be to get a 4500mAh POWER BANK to fully charge the device. However, the world we live in is nowhere near perfect. The real world power conversion varies almost 60 to 70%. So, the best rule of thumb is to get 5000mah power bank

II. Usage Patterns – Decisive Capacity And Number Of Ports

Getting a small POWER BANK is not useless, but getting a high capacity POWER BANK has its advantages.
- It enables you to charge your devices more than one time.
- Bigger POWER BANKS come with more than one output port – more than one device can be charged at the same time.

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