What Do Cause Mobile Phone Batteries Explode ?
img When people use mobile phones,what they are most worried about is the battery's explosion. Today Dongguan Shirui Battery Co.,Ltd ,for short, SR battery, Based on 23 year design, manufactue experiences of mobile phone batteries,  want to talk about why mobile phone batteries will explode and how to avoid the battery 's explosure.

Three reasons that cause mobile phone battery explode:

1. The battery itself causes. As the defects fo the battery itself,  even the mobile phone battery is not charged or discharge, it would explode.

2. Long-term overcharge of battery cell. In special situation like special temperature, humidity and poor contact may bring a large amount of current instantaneously, this will cause combustion or explosion.

3. Short-circuite. This is less possibility. In addition, if consumers place the phone near flammable materials or high temperature, it may also cause an explosion.

Don't hang your phone in the chest in summer. As weather gradually warms up, the possibility of the mobile phone battery’s explosion greatly increase, portable cell phone should keep away from high temperature. For example,  the sun shines on the battery for a long time if you forget you mobile phone in the car,and there is a danger of explosion.
If you do not want to be injured by the explosion of mobile phone batteries, you should take the following advices: First, do not make a call for a long time; Second, try not to hang the phone in the chest; Third, don't use the phone in a high-temperature enviroment; fourth, try to put the phone on the bag rather than your pocket; Fifth, do not call as much as possible when charging.
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